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New York City, 1899. Jack Kelly and his ragtag team of newsboys make a meager living selling newspapers on the city streets. But when the prices of “papes” are hiked and the newsies are hung out to dry, there is nothing left to do but “open the gates and seize the day!” Led by charismatic Jack and independent, young newspaper reporter Katherine Plummer, the Newsies form a union and organize a strike against the greedy publisher of the New York World. Can a group of idealistic newsboys win against a foe as powerful as acclaimed publisher Joseph Pulitzer? Inspired by the true story of the 1899 Newsboys Strike, Newsies is an ebullient, joyful, and entertaining musical capturing the strength that young people have when they join together and stand up against injustice. With a funny, poignant book by Harvey Feirstein and stunning music by Alan Menken and Jack Feldman -- including the show-stopping Seize the Day, power ballad “Santa Fe” and lovely new songs like Katherine’s “Watch What Happens -- Newsies is a classic with the power to inspire.

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Jack Kelly - Jon Happel

Crutchie - Ben McElroy

Davey - Noah McLaughlin

Les - Kylee Colby

Race - Jadan Smith

Albert - Ray McQueen

Specs - Ian Bennett

Finch | Crutchie Understudy - Abbie Segerstrom

Romeo - Luis Dominguez Mendez

Elmer - Evelyn Hickman

Mush - Annie Knipper

*Buttons- Emma Martinson

Splasher - McKenna Crabb

Tommy Boy | Kathrine Understudy - Kasey Schlichte

Jo Jo - Natalie Kingland

Spot Conlon - Mary Rohne

Darcy | Goon | Morris Delancey Understudy - Kyler Fredricks

Bill | Goon - Joey Hovinga


Morris Delancey | Male Swing - Kyle Ennis

Oscar Delancey - Seth Gayner

Joseph Pulitzer - Ian Bartelt

Bunsen - Dan Hovinga

Hannah - Alyssa Buffington

Nunzio | Guard | Policeman | Governor Teddy Roosevelt - Matt Holub

Kathrine Plumber - Sarah Hovinga

Medda Larkin - Karen Harthan

Nun | Medda Larkin Understudy - Abbie Wells

Nun | Bowery Beauty - Hope Shaman

Nun | Bowery Beauty | Scab - Anna Singelstad

Nun | Scab - Mara Leet

Nuns | Scab - Katelyn Anderson

Female Swing - Chloe Anderson

Children’s Ensemble:

Indie Miller

Harper Boyle

Gigi Dennis

Brice Geykin

Vocal Ensemble:

Chloe Anderson

Katelyn Anderson

Alyssa Buffington

Kyler Fredricks

Dan Hovinga

Joey Hovinga

Mara Leet

Mary Rohne

Hope Shaman

Anna Singelstad

Tucker Sledd

Abbie Wells

Flushing Newsie:

Hope Shaman

Richmond Newsies:

Mara Leet

Kyler Fredricks

Woodside Newsies:

Joey Hovinga

Bronx Newsies:

Anna Singelstad

Harper Boyle

Brooklyn Newsies:

Mary Rohne

Abbie Wells

Chloe Anderson

* Denotes Dance Captain

We have seen incredible auditions! Thank you to all of those who have come out to audition for Disney’s Newsies. Here are a few other great summer musical opportunities in the North Iowa area with auditions coming up this summer!

State Fair - July 11-14 & 17-20

Albert Lea Community Theatre, Albert Lea

Auditions - May 6 & 7, 2019

Sound of Music - July 21,21 & 26-28

Brickstreet Theatre, Forest City

Auditions - May 20 & 21

Mary’s Team - August 15-18 & 22-25

Mason City Community Theatre, Mason City

Auditions - June 24 & 25